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Aluminum casting supplier

We have the process to best suit your needs

 Sand molded     Plaster molded     Ceramic molded

Serving the mold making industry for over 60 years.

Thermoforming Molds


Sand mold castings

Most economical process. For simple shapes where ease of clean up does not warrant paying for finer finishes.




Plaster mold castings

Smooth surface finishes reduces clean up time.


        - multiple cavity molds from single model

        - cast in undercuts


Ceramic mold castings


Most costly method but has the ability to closely reproduce fine details and textures.

Leatherettes, woodgrains or any difficult to cast textures can be incorporated into models for duplication on casting surfaces.


From small blister packs to large dunnage trays

Unique Capabilities

Multi-impression molds produced from single model

Male or female molds produced from male or female models

Cast in water lines for better heat transfer

Rotation Molds

We can create wall thickness from solid masters.

Positive or negative molds produced

            from positive or negative models.

Produce rubber tooling from your

            model if required

Add Bosses if required

Clean/Polish to your needs

Castings up to 1,500 lbs

Blow Molds








Prototype and short run castings

      Electronics, Automotive and Commercial applications

With 50 years of experience producing Aluminum and Zinc castings, we can offer  a unique method of prototyping for Die Casting applications:

      Dimensional Accuracy:

    The Plaster Mold Process can achieve castings with  dimensional accuracy and surface finish similar to Die Casting. For Example:

      Surface Finish:

      90 - 125 RMS ( Root Mean Square ); C60 maximum on Visual Surface Finish Comparator Sample Chart.

      Linear Tolerances:

      General ± 0.025 in/in from 0 to 6 ins; ± 0.003 in/in thereafter, with maximum tolerance of ± 0.040 ins.

      Virtually any size or shape of Casting can be produced by this unique method of prototyping.

         Low unit runs or up to several thousand castings can be readily achieved economically.

       From 1 oz. to several hundred pounds in weight.

       Heavy sections or wall thicknesses as low as 0.060 ins. thick.

       Excellent duplication of intricate designs.

       Reduce or even eliminate machining.

       Short Lead Times.

       Low Tooling Costs ..... and more.

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Pattern Castings Ltd.

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Foam Molds



Thermoforming Molds
Foam Molds
Blow Molds
Prototypes and short run castings

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